Dooplo - Kognito's Human interaction simulation platform

Role: Lead Architect / Developer

The platform is designed to simulate conversations, it is developed as a modular environmet, allowing separated authoring and run-time environments.  Conversation dynamics and content can be authored, then exported for playback within the run time environment.

The Authoring tool provides a modern approach to collaborative content creation, utilizing web 2.0 style interactions. Different levels of development can be done simultaneously, with process reporting and document generation at key development stages. Generate and package demo builds including synthesized dialog and animation cues.


Key Points:
  • Graphical tools for creating conversation dynamics, export to XML format for runtime playback
  • LAMP stack, YUI, AJAX, JSON
  • Server side integration with festvox & lame for speech synthesis
  • OpenAMF interface to JBOSS Rules engine
  • ActionScript 3
  • PHP5/ mySQL
  • YUI Widgets / AJAX
Related projects:
  • Atrisk - Identifying students in mental distress
  • The Investigator
  • 2008 Bersin & Associates Learning Leader award for 'Vendor Improvement'
  • 2007 Bersin & Associates Learning Leader award for 'Vendor Innovation'